Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Virginia State Capital Show...2015

Thank you to  Delegate Jackson Miller of the 50th District of Virginia for having Art Day at the Capital. Cedar Point Elementary is honored to be part of this celebration...
Jagger S. age 7 grade 2 Title: Stacky Fish

Artist Statement: The top fish is the daddy fish then the brother fish then the sister fish and then the mom fish. They are all going to a fish party.

Lucy L. age 10 grade 5 Title: Line Barn

Artist Statement: I loved this project! I put 2 different shades of green on the hills to give it more depth. I used bent lines for the smoke and bushes to add layers to it.

Gigeon W. age 10 grade 5 Title: Fish Wrap
Artist Statement: I wish I could show my brother because I really thought I did a good job showing the ocean. When I did the seaweed, it was just like waves of dots vertically growing up.

On Jan 16th there will be an article by Jan Davis about the show in the Bull Run Observer.

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