Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer School French Chagall Snails...


 I am teaching elementary summer school 2014 at a title one experimental program that includes art, music and PE. We are tying together what students are learning in the classroom with the fine arts classes. Kindergarten is taking a trip around the world. So in art we went to France. We looked at the work Chagall did during his time in France. We learned to say Bonjour to say hello. We also looked at the book... 
                                                                            written by Massenot, Veronique
The Biggest House in the World by Leo Lionni
                        Because our character is a French snail.  Lionni himself is actually from the Netherlands.

                                                   The Promenade by Marc Chagall

                                                       I and the Village by Marc Chagall 
Kindergarten is also looking at Fair Tail stories and -character, setting, problem, solution, magic, and endings. So we created a main character for our paintings, which is a giant snail and 3 floating small snail friends.  Students had to tell their snail's story when they were finished.

We used 3Do's to attach the small friend snails.


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