Sunday, April 20, 2014

50 Before 50...


  1. I love the image. Can you please explain what the title of this post means, and what this artwork is? Thanks!

    1. Phyl, 50 before 50 is a project I have been challenging myself with this past year (May 2013). I wanted to create 50 new pieces of art before I turned 50. This piece is an acrylic work 18x24 inch in size and it is part of a small series I am working on about change. As in if you rearrange the words on the art work you can change the outcome of the piece or your life. I will have all 50 up by the end of May. It has been great learning experience for me. It is one thing to call myself an artist to my students and it is another to actually go out to my studio each day and create art.

    2. Now I feel guilty, because I think maybe I've asked this before and should have remembered! Either way, what a fabulous project. I am 2 years retired but still struggling with this, my undefined artistic identity. After 60 years, I still can't decide if I'm a painter, a photographer, a sculptor, a papier-mâché artist, a collage artist, a jewelry-maker, a Project Runway wannabe, or what! I think I feel a blog post coming on....

    3. Phyl, I think we were separated at birth! I feel the same way about all the mediums you mentioned. I get so caught up in learning or doing something new or a different project or painting I never seem to finish anything. That is why I challenged myself to the 50 before 50 projects. And I always try to sketch out what I would make if I were on Project Runway before the people on the show do every week!