Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4th Grade - Canyons and Plateaus...

2014 White Ribbon Winner at the Prince William County Arts Festival 

1. draw the horizon line. 2. Add in the mountains
3. draw the far rim of the canyon (do not draw the downward lines yet)
 4. draw the plateaus (do not draw the downward lines yet)
5. Draw the close side of the canyon. 6. draw cactus 7. Draw all downward line in the canyon. Start line where there is a bend. 

8. Water color paint using a wet on wet method. 

9. When the paper is dry outline with an ultra fine tipped Sharpie. Outline as many color changes as you can find as well the pencil drawn lines.
Ultra Fine Tipped Sharpies in my classroom are called- "baby Shaprie"

Our inspiration piece found on... 

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