Thursday, January 30, 2014

3rd Grade Name Puzzle...

Start with a 12x12 inch white sheet of paper.
First, fold the paper in 1/2, then 1/2 the other way. Then fold all for sides to the middle. This will give you 16 equal squares.
Next, write you name in big block letters. Your name must touch every box (even it its just a little bit).

Paint the background with watercolors. You can choose to do it cool or warm colors, or complementary colors or you could just paint it with random colors.

After the background dries paint your name in with black watercolor paint.

Then the paint is dry, cut along the folded lines. You should have 16 squares when you are done.

Move the pieces around to see how they look. They can not go back in the same order. When you like your pattern glue them in place on a 12x12 piece of black construction paper.

When you are finished glueing, use a brayer to smooth out your paper.

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