Wednesday, January 29, 2014

3rd Grade Clay Birds...

First students have to draw the bird they intended to create. The rest is's just a simple pinch bowl with eyes, wings and a beak!

Feathers art added after firing but of course you already know that!
just remember to poke the feather holes in the wet clay. I tell them to keep it at 3 feathers. 


  1. Replies
    1. painted and then tempera varnish. I wish I had time to glaze but I have to many kids for fire twice. How ever 5th grade does glaze their work.

  2. how did you get the feathers inside the bird?

    1. Kimberly....the students had to do a pre drawing with an indication of were they wanted to put the feathers. They were allowed 4. I give time more on a person to person basis, but if you just say you "feathers" the entire bird will be covered in feathers! So from the pre drawing we know were to poke holes so that after the bird was fired the feathers could be added. It just takes a few drops of glue. Remember to have the students poke the holes in the wet clay big enough. Remind them that when the clay is fired it will shrink. When that happens by accident I just hot glue gun the feathers on for that student.