Saturday, August 31, 2013

2013-2014 New school year classroom set up

The basic language of art...I found the elements sheets
on Pinterest and I made the "word" art.

My classes come back to back so I keep everything
I need in these trays and it's all ready to go.
No searching for things...

I have this laminated and if someone is
talking too much I simply hold it up.
It really works. I do not have to say a word, they
laugh and go back to work. Sometimes they roll their
eyes at me and then they go back to work. 

I do "Who's the Artist" each month. I pick 3 winning answers
and announce the names on our TV announcements.
The winners also get art supplies.

My tables are arranged by color. Over each table I have
hanging ribbons on a hoop. Warm side and Cool side.

Supply station

Turn in basket and Artist of the Month Station

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