Sunday, September 23, 2012

4th grade Starry Hobbit Night

Starry Hobbit Night
Draw 5 crazy houses randomly on the page. Include the landscape.

Draw the hills under the houses and landscape.

Add in the "Starry Night" sky...

Outline with a Shaprie...
Then color with markers...

Create a hobbit/mini me in the style of Faith Ringgold.

Color the mini-me.

Attach with 3DO's

Version 2:
This year I am doing the same project but just a little different. Trying to spice things up. I left it out all together last year and everyone complained! So I but it back in the lesson plan rotation with a twist.
Start by drawing the hills with a Sharpie. Start at the bottom of the 12 x18 inch 90# white paper.

Add more hills. Next add on the stars in the sky swirling around.

Add more stars...

Add in some details in the landscape.
But do not add in the 5 houses. We will add those in later.
Only draw the landscape and starry night sky for now.

When everything is in place start to watercolor paint your Starry Hobbit Night.

On a seperate sheet of paper create your 5 cute hobbit houses.


  1. A great project - I love the mini-me! Excellent way to pull in the concept of movement within the work :)

  2. This is a very popular lesson, when I hang it in the halls all the classroom teachers love it!