Tuesday, January 4, 2011

South Beach Diet day 4

Yeah me! I went to Taco cabana for dinner and stayed on south beach. I had a taco (but did not eat the shell) with Lettuce, tomatoes and guac. What is really strange now is that not only am I seeing the error of my ways but I am seeing everyone else's as well. I want to share my diet plan with everyone but that is not the best way to make new friends! Anyway it is getting easier and the marshmellow dreams are slowing down-a little. I have a dr. apt. on the 18th we will see if the book is worth it. It states you will loose 13 lbs in phase 1 which is 2 weeks. If I weight 162 on the 18th I will take all of you out to dinner to celebrate me being able to move on to phase 2! which means fruit.....

And for those of you more interisted in art than my weight I will have a new lesson plan up tonight after kickboxing.

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