Monday, August 29, 2016

Today's Art Room Blog

Day 89
I would have to say Art Teachers have the very best professional development workshops in the world! This is an awesome PD taught by 2 of my art teacher idols....Alyssa Tice and Andrew Cossaboon.  Alyssa and Andrew showed us paper mache tiki masks. 
What a great way to spend the day!

This is my lovely beginnings...

How did I get journal bunching making a tiki?

My tiki slowly changed into a dragon somehow.

Alyssa's the tongue!

My friend Kelly hard at work.

Look how happy and relaxed everyone is. 

Love the lashes

I work with the best group of teachers ever!

Some of Andrew's amazing paper mache projects.

Mr. Dragon Face tiki

Thank you Alyssa Tice and Andrew Cossaboon for a wonderful day!

Chick HERE to see my finished Tiki Dragon

Click on the Alligator Fish Boat for more of Today's Art Room Report

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