Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Art Journal Step-by-Step

How to pack when you are an art journal artist and you want to take a vacation.

I love paper, all kinds of paper so I have a lot of it in my office and in my studio. Of course I can not take all that paper with me when I travel so I have a clear 12x12 inch plastic case I got at Michaels to take some of the more important papers along on my travels.

I have several journals that I work in all at the same time. I keep each one in its own large 2 1/2 gallon zip lock bags. This way I can keep all the parts I need but not get them all mixed up or have to look for anything, it's all in one place. I keep all the scraps, colors and papers I am working on with that particular journal in it's bag. The above journal is the one I was working on for the Brooklyn Library 2016.

This is my Journal Fodder Junkies trading journal. I do a little work in this journal and then send it to another artist who does a little work in it and then sends it back to me. When I get it back I have my students work in it. Right now they are adding a story line to the book.

My set of small tube acrylics I travel with.

My very special art journal travel case.

My office/closet where I keep some of my art journal supplies...and my shoes!

My Zentangle/art journal/office shelf/inside studio/sewing room.

Small spray bottles of paint.

My cutting and glueing zip lock travel bag.

the random stuff bag...

As you can most likely tell from these photos, I do not fly. I could not get a surgical scalpel or bottles of liquid paint on a plane. I have an awful fear of flying, have since I was little. I really have a fear of gravity oh I mean falling. It is a powerfully debilitating fear and has stopped me for doing lots of fun things in my life. But I am planning a trip to Cambodia next year to visit the orphanage were I support the kids college funds. So even though that trip is a year away I am already having panic attacks. But I really want to meet the kids. I also have ADHA pretty bad too so just the thought of sitting on an airplane for 19 hours is terrifying! Lots of meditation and deep breathing. When I absolutely have to ride in an elevator I repeat in my head "people do this every day", "people do this every day", "people do this every day", "people do this every day",  "people do this every day", "people do this every day", "people do this every day", "people do this every day"....well you get the point.

Just keep it simple when you travel don't get distracted from your trip. A small watercolor set and a pen will do.

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