Wednesday, January 29, 2014

4th Grade Clay...

After doing the Starry Hobbit Night Project, students were to create a clay house from their drawing.


  1. These are extremely cool! I am wondering what kind of time students were given to complete the clay house, and what you used as a base for the 4th graders to work around to construct their little abode, if anything?

    1. The first day we watched a power point on home construction and then they were given time to draw their blue prints. 45 Mins.
      The next class I started with 2 tables (10) kids and they constructed their homes. Their clay houses had to match their drawings. They were given milk cartons that were cut open and flat for the template and an 3 x 5 inch index card for the roof. They laid the templates on a slab of 1/2inch thick clay and the rest was up to them. After they were fired students had to paint their homes with tempera to match their drawings. I used tempera varnish to make them shinny. I have to many kids to bisque and glaze fire.
      Hope this helps,