Friday, September 27, 2013

5th grade Zentangle Explosion Box

1. Draw 3 lines across the page.
Add 2 more bonus lines were needed. 
The lines should either be straight or curvy, but not both.

2. Fill in the spaces with Zentangles.


                                             3. When the original sheet is finished have
                                              students write AP on the back (artist proof).
4. Make 10 photo copies. Students should trade
copies with their friends.

5. Make a box.
6. From the copies make the tubes. 
Do not cut the original Zentangle sheet.

7. Roll 2 sheets, which will make 16 tubes. Then
start building the first layer of your box.

8. Add 2 or 3 more layers and attach the box to the
While they are working on them I store them in the clay drying room. 

For more Zentangle in the Classroom:
Zentangle In the Classroom DropBox--Lessons and ideas on how to use Zentangle in your classroom.
It's not Zentangle if you simply do repeating patterns and call it Zentangle! Check out some ways Zentangle can be used in the art room.
 link HERE

I have given this lesson as a workshop to art teacher...they seemed to love it!
Teacher Workshop at VAEA


  1. I LOVE this! Nice!
    ~ Kristin

    1. thanks... it is much easier than it looks. Just make sure you work in layers. Have a base of 16 let it dry, next week add more and let it dry. Third week add more let it dry...etc. so much fun.

  2. it is so much fun and the 5th grade loves it!