Sunday, April 17, 2011

South Beach Diet day-117

Awesome start to the day-eggbeaters and tomatoes with spinach and bacon. And yes I really do not like bacon but I am trying really, really hard to follow the diet to the letter! The Thornwood weight loss contest is almost over and I want to win. I hear someone lost 8 lbs. I have lost 20 this year but it was all before the contest started...would'ent you know it? Anyway I have an official weigh-in this Tuesday. I am actually just happy to not have put any back on! (I have missed a few kickboxing classes do to my life getting in the way of all the things I want to be doing)

I had a snack of apples and natural peanut butter, YUM!

For dinner it was a steak and a salad. It was the first red mead I have had all was awesome!

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