Sunday, January 27, 2019

2nd Grade Roosters Using Scrap Painted Paper...

We have had several snow days lately and when that happens it throws of my next day schedule off.
 I have my students save all the painted paper scraps they create. I have a scrap bin for all the leftovers. This bin comes in handy for a lot of projects and quick ideas....which I desperately needed on this day. These roosters were created by 1st grade using the scrap bin

The head, body and wing are cut in the shape of the letter U. I have my kids hold up their magic drawing finger and draw the letter U in the air. I tell them if they can draw the U then can create this rooster. Make sure to erase the U in the air so it is not hanging over you while you try to work. 

The legs are just rectangles, the eyes are circles and the beak is a triangle. If they would like to add feet those are just triangles as well.
When you break it down into simple shapes the kids then realize it is something they can easily do.
I always start all my demos by asking my students "does your bird (or whatever) have to look like mine". They tell me no. I let them know this is just one way to cut out their bird. If they have another way they can do that instead. 
This helps the kids that need the extra nudge and also allows the others to make their own creative choices. 

The last step is to add the feathers. I let the kids know they feathers are simple football shapes. Or 2 curved lines facing each other. 

Such personality!

Cute, fun and easy peezy! 

This child went for more of a parrot look. 
Love it!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

It's Christmas Time---Pintrest Fail...

We have a new annual tradition at my school where teachers bring cookies they baked at home and then we exchange with each other the next day. So hubby make my cookies for me because I can not even boil hot water. Seriously I started boiling water for my Mac and cheese one day, got a phone call and almost burned the house down. I told him if he made them I would frost them.
So I saw this cute little guy on Pinterest and I a figured since I was an artist I could do that...easily!

So I went and bought all the necessary supplies.

Not sure what those are but they are not reindeer...

They look nothing like their Pinterest counterparts. Maybe a red nosed fox?

Gave up on my cookies and went to visit Santa instead. Besides the cookies tasted amazing even if they did not look the part. All the teachers loved them so all is well.

Snow Day.....

We have had several snow days this week. As a teacher it can be quite special to get an unexpected day off. I usually do not care for snow days however...I would much rather be at work. I really love my job. Being from the south I am also not fond of snow in general. However there are certain times when the snow can be quite beautiful. So while it was snowing outside I painted a picture of my favorite place Earth...Anna Maria Island, Florida. 

Scrappy Spiders...

The Advanced Art Club created Scrappy spiders this cute!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-- 1st Post--Cedar Point Elementary Play 2019...

So last year Cedar Point Elementary School put on the play Annie Jr. We have an amazing director Amy LaFleur, an outstanding music director Ryan Davis and Me, the set design person. It is so much fun to work with the kids creating sets. If there were Tony Awards for Elementary School Plays my awesome set design club would have won! Along with the entire cast and crew. They all do such  great work!

The Barron's Birthday cake
So the set design club is working on the pieces for this years play-- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Working on Chitty's Wheels...

We are using donated boxes for the props. There is a lot of recycling going on here!

The play banner

The circus tent...

back drops

The set design crew named him Sir Knight Bob Ross!

Creating the stage for Truly's music box dance.

Carla Sonheim

My finished piece, I call it Singing in the Rain In Collage

I started with this one piece of scrap magazine paper for my inspiration.

I just love taking workshops. I would go to school 24/7 if I could. You know, if I did not have to work! I can't always find the time to go to classes so I like to find fun things to do on-line. One of the artists I follow is Carla Sonheim I have taken a couple of her classes in the past and they have really helped me open up to all the possibilities art has to offer. I highly recommend her classes. As an elementary art teacher you most likely already know her books...

Please see my other Carla Sonheim posts for more details on her work.

Project Runway All Stars Season 7....2019

I am a huge fan of Project Runway. I would love to be able to sew that fast. I am in a Facebook group where we try and draw out our fashions as soon as we get the challenge. It is so much fun! I can draw the outfits that are in my head but I could never ever finish one in only a day. These contestants are amazing.

Challenge 1... an outfit that represents where we are from. My family is from Georgia, USA and have been for as long as anyone can remember. So for my challenge I drew a garden party dress with a crisp white shirt top and a flowy light long skirt.

Challenge 2... an outfit for a graduation party based on school colors. I picked my high school colors...I think they were red and white. It was a long time ago and I dropped out of school at the beginning of the 10th I picked red and white.

Challenge 3....this outfit is based on Southwests Airlines commitment to recycling their materials. 
You can read all about their efforts HERE

I used the red drink stirs as red crystals around the dress and handbag.

Irina Shabayava was the winner of this challenge. Her coffee cup skirt and plane seat leather clutch were amazing. Click HERE to read more about her partnership with Southwest Airlines.