Sunday, December 4, 2016

3D Color Wheel Professional Development Workshop...

3D Color Wheel professional workshop taught by Amanda Shaw. 
I love my school district and all these wonderful workshop put on by our fearless leader Jasmine Hawkins.

The Art Room Report Day 100....WoW really 100 reports...We need a Cake....

Day 100....

I still can't believe I have published 100 Art Room Reports. Just to be clear it has been far more days than 100 since I started, I just really backed up and am not able to get to it everyday. Just like this post, I wanted 100 to be very special so I wait for a great photo to post...and waited...and here were are...

This is a photo of my dream mountain cabin, it really has nothing to do with my art room but sometimes I daydream while I am writing lesson plans.
I went home to Cochran, Georgia for Thanksgiving. I inherited the home my grandfather built with his own hands...I mean really who could sell that?!? It is super cute and really pink and fun and I just love going there. Two things Cochran has a lot of are Cotton and Bulldogs. Or should I say Dawgs!

A cow came to our school and there was a live milking...It did not affect the kids behavior AT ALL!
But it was fun to watch them all gross out!

We drove the Jeep to Georgia and took the top off because it was about 1000 degrees warmer in the south. I had my hair up in a bun but somehow it still ended up in knots. But it is a wonderful problem to have. I have wanted a Jeep my whole life. I feel blessed that I am able to have one now.

Just think if we all thought this way how great education would be!

They lost me after the first line but I like the outcome!

Love this!!!

Hold On Teachers It's Almost Winter Break...

Hold on teachers...we can make it !!!

Clay Workshop or Prince William County Teachers...

Kelly working on her clay bowl. We had another great workshop in Prince William County Virginia. This time it was a clay class lead by Lynn Porch at Victory Elementary School. 

 If I have not mentioned this before I work in a totally awesome school district!!! A very special shout out to our leader Jasmine Hawkins for putting together all these wonderful Professional Development workshops for us, Jasmine you are the best!
Alyssa's snake coil bowl

These are some of Lynn's fantastic examples.

I love the color on the mask.

There were pinch bears and owls and taco fish

What and exciting night! 

Art Careers...

This awesome 4th grader has to do a report for a library project and she picked art careers! 
So happy!

Project Runway #15 Challenge #9 and #11...

Challenge #9 was to create something for someone close to you. My mother died when I was little but if she was here today I think this is something she would wear. She would at last like that I made it for her and she would be really proud of me!

Challenge #11 was the Lexus challenge and the designers were asked to use unconventional materials. I have a black topless dress with wire down both sides and a oversized wire cover over the top with red, yellow and orange ribbons weaved into the shoulders and across the back.


I am participating in an art challenge...Each day in December we have to find inspiration from the things on the right! Please feel free to join in at

Day 1. Holiday Toy

I put these friends together at the Walgreens because Nightmare Before Christmas Guy really looked like he needed a hug. Who gives the best hugs...stuffed bears!

Day 2. A Good Book

My favorite art lesson plan journal.

Day 3. Hot Cocoa

I wanted to create an inviting cup of cocoa but I forgot the milk...

Day 4. An open fire

With all the fires lately I did not want to burn down the our forest so I went with a fake felt fire.