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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Art Advocacy...

Art Advocacy

If you share what you do and why you value art with others you will increase the support for art education over all. A very important part of art advocacy is simply making your case… have your art advocacy speech prepared for those times you are asked or just want to talk about the importance of art education. Some areas of interest that might be importance to others are; how art education benefits your students using personal stories, current data and research that backs up your personal stories, important people who use art in their jobs such as Steve Jobs/Apple Computers and Pixar, Walt Disney/animator, Ralph Lauren/designer, I. M. Pei/architect, Paolo Martin/Automotive design, Vera Wang/Fashion Designer. 

Just by sharing a list of influential people and creators who all value art and use art in their careers you help others see the importance art plays in our everyday society. You will be an Art Advocate! 

Lee Darter
July 2016

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Today's Art Room Report....Summer Edition 2016!

Day 75...
Our Back yard deer

And we have babies now!

Forth of July Popcorn balls...Melted white chocolate and Red, White and Blue sprinkles.
I tried to make them first when I saw them being made on a YouTube cooking show and I burnt the chocolate...twice. Then hubby, who is the real cook in the family jumped in and saved the day. 

So this is our summer project...adding a back porch and outside kitchen. The first step is to get my studio in order. It gets uses as a storage unit during the winter and becomes unusable.

So we rented a POD

And what happens to my studio during the winter! Scary right?!

I saw this on one of my art journal pages that I follow. It is from a sweet woman who has had some challenges in her life. It really moved me when she wrote CREATE. Do it NOW. I need to listen to her advise. I am allowing all the things in my life to take over my life. I want to create, that needs to be my life.

My totally awesome niece graduating from high school---with honors! She is with my father-in-law, my brother-in-law and my mother-in-law.

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Art Along July 2016...Day 4. Include torn or cut paper...

Add torn or cut paper to your art journal. You can add to a previous page or create a whole new page using decorative papers.

Today I am using my altered book with a solid brown background that I painted a few years ago.
It has been waiting for this day for a long time!

I love using Traci Bautista Matte Collage Instant Decoupage Pauge.
I use old gift cards to spread the glue evenly. I also have a surgeon's scalpel to cut paper with 
that my favorite bookbinding teacher gave me. You would not believe the precision you get with that thing.

I pulled from the collection of papers I have stacked up in my art studio. I just love pretty paper! I collect paper where ever I see it...and then store until the perfect chance to use it when ever a project comes up. This is kind of the reason we (I) needed to rent a POD for more storage! Or I just need a bigger studio!

I cut out the paper and glued it in place, I love this ziggy pattern. I must love it I use it a lot it seems. That is one thing I am learning during this month long process, how my work has similar aspects to it.
I cut the heart out of matching papers in the same color field. I added the black and white acrylic paint after the glue was dry.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Art Along 2016...

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Art Along July 2016...Day 3. Use Numbers On Today's Art Journal Page...

Some where on today's page use numbers- Vacay room #, receipts, milage, calories consumed, etc.  Include numbers in a creative way on your next art journal page.
My totally awesome hand made art journal I got at Donna Downy's Studio in North Carolina.

Donna likes to add center pages in her journals. 
I used a spray bottle with water and green acrylic paint for the back ground.

I used a number stamp and a stencil for this project. I will add some road milage numbers when I get home.
I used some old orange painted paper for the steps.

256 was a number a friend in 9th grade said was the answer to everything.
I used a #9 stamp for the numbers. 

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Art Advocacy...

Words to Live By...

This is how I think I live my life....

This is more how I actually live my life!