Sunday, March 10, 2019

Scarp Monster Cut-Outs by 1st Grade...

So cute and fun....

Teaching a little eye-hand coordination!
Everyone gets a full sheet of their favorite color and the rest of the paper comes from the...
Scrap Bin! Yes I let them dump it out on the floor. 
We discuss proper "paper on the floor" etiquette before. 
I tell them it is very important not to crinkle their own scraps 
because other friends may be able to use it. Please simply
return it to the Scrap Bin. During clean up time I ask everyone to return to their
seats. Then I ask for "people with a certain color shirt" to hit the floor and clean up scraps.
Remember...we do not crinkle the scraps...they may become someone else's monster someday.
If the floor still needs attention I just ask the table managers to clean. When the floor is clean then everyone may start putting their work on the drying rack and their supplies away.

Make sure to give your monster details and personality!

Monday, March 4, 2019

My Takeover Tuesday on the Virginia Art Education Association (VAEA) Instagram page....

On Tuesdays the VAEA has a day called Takeover Tuesdays #vaartedtakeover19
On Takeover Tuesdays a different teacher from around Virginia spend the day show the world what they do in their classrooms. Takeover teachers take photos of their art rooms and share it on Instagram. 
Tuesday February the 26th 2019 was my Takeover Day!!!
So excited

Arriving at work...Such a wonderful way to be greeted in the morning!

We are putting on the play Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr.  All the sets do not fit into my room.

What my desk looks like in the morning,
it does not look like this in the afternoon!

Under my desk I keep my collection of art teacher hats and lesson examples.

More stuff for the play

My classes come to me back to back so I keep everything I need in these bins
so I can grab and go.

On Tuesday mornings we have Art Talk Tuesdays with Kimmi on our in-house TV channel
called Cheetah Vision. This month Kimmi has been telling us about different 
African-American artists for Black History Month. We looked at art work by Dr. John Biggers and Faith Ringgold.

I keep a seat on one of the tables where I am either working on the same lesson the kids are working on, creating a new lesson or working in my journal. I think it is important the kids see me creating art along side them.

This is my art and reading library area.

I have a supply manager in each class. It is this persons job to help get the supplies passed out and keep the area clean and organized. Today we received new Sharpies....This made the supply manager very happy!

I also have a paint/sink manager. It is this persons job to help get out all the paint and keep the sink area clean. Here is Tori getting the paint trays ready.

5th grade working on their Stained Glass hearts.

A few 5th graders finishing up their erosion project.

All my students except kindergarten have their own journals, which they make themselves. 
There is a journal list of prompts. Were students are finished with their projects they know to 
go get their journals and start working.

This is 4th grade working on their Kente cloth weaving project. This is not a project. I am not sure where it came from but I really love it. 

First they create their looms with gold paint on black.

Then they create their weaving strips using oil pastels.

3rd Grade are in the process of creating their cone cats. This is also not one of my projects but I really love it and it is a big hit with the kids.

3rd Grade is also finishing up their Ming vases

What an awesome shirt

A 3rd grader working on his journal.

And another 3rd grader still working on their Valentine's Day project.

This is 1st grade. Arn't this little guys just so cute?!? This is a lesson by Alyssa Tice. She is amazing.
You can follow here on Instagram at @ms.tice_is_nice

My amazing encore team eating lunch together

My 1st grade class creating scrap monsters.

A little messy but they can clean it all up by the count of 10!

Kindergarten working on their 0 -9 numbers paining. 

Second grade finishing up their Valentine's Day hearts.

A few were working on their primary houses and secondary cats.

The rest were working in their journals

After school on Tuesdays I have a Fiber Arts Club.

After Fiber arts club my hubby has been coming to school to help me finish the sets for Chitty Chitty Band Bang Jr. 

He is amazing! 

I have a wonderful day sharing my art room with everyone. 
Thank you VAEA