Sunday, May 21, 2017

YAM--What Art Means To Me Art Contest...2017

Each year in March, which is Youth Art Month we have a "What art Means to Me" contest.
These are the 2017 winners.

Painted Paper Owls...

2nd grade created these cute owls using all the scrap painted paper we collected throughtout the year.
I got this awesome idea from  Laura Lohmann when I was at ART SCOUTS last year in Ohio. I am going again this year 2017 in Tennessee, it is a lot of fun! 

2nd Grade Shine Brite...

This is our inspiration piece. I saw it on Pinterest and fell in love with. 
The website is Oh Boy it's run by Meghan Farley 
Click HERE for her awesome website!

 Meghan states this is not her idea or lesson plan. She credits click HERE for a photo of the original but the link to the actual website is dead.

Snowman with Glitter Paint...

We used color Prismacolor Stix and Construction paper crayons to create our snowmen on black construction.  Then I found some glitter paint I got with the room about 6 years ago and thought it would look good as snow. I am not a big fan of glitter but I felt having the glitter in the paint would be okay and it was. I like the effect of the glimmering glitter as snowflakes.

Click HERE to order Prismacolor Stix
If you have never tried these they are amazing. I think you will really like them. They give great color coverage and they work amazing on black paper as well.

My Back Yard...I love May At My House...

Everything is in bloom and it is just so magical out side my studio window. I love my back yard in Virginia!

Great Question to Ask Yourself About How You Teach...

Recently the Art of Education web site asked a great question--"What do you want your students to remember about you, as a teacher, in 20 years"?

My answer was "That I was very passionate about art and that I helped them find their own creative inner voice".  

This question got me thinking about how I teacher and what I teach. I really want all my kids to be strong art advocates as will as know the principles and elements of art. But I also what them to be proud of their work, remember to always nurture their creative side and never give up on the things they want in life. From this one question I have made sure to include art advocacy issues in every lesson and to also make sure the kids see me creating art every day. So thank you for the thought provoking question Art of Ed !