Sunday, June 30, 2019

TP Cat Sculptures with 3rd Grade...

Start with an old thread spool. I got a box of 80 on Ebay for $50
This is day one of a 4 day process, however each step does not take the entire class.
You should have some back up work ready.

Dip the top of the cone in liquid glue.

I collected TP rolls from my 3rd grade parents.

Cut out a diamond shape space in the middle of the TP roll. 
I had to do this step for some of kids but most of them were able to handle it on their own and then help other.

Next set the TP roll on to of the cone with the glue. 

The last step for the day is to cut out and attach the ears.
I used a TP roll and cut triangles off the end.
The kids dipped the ears in glue that was on a foam tray and attached them to the top of the TP rolls on the cones.

 After gluing on the ears on the kids used a Sharpies to write their names and their
teacher's name inside the cone and place them on the rack.

I labeled each shelf with their teacher's name. 
This process took most the class (30 Mins). After their cat was on the rack they
got their art journals and started to work for the remainder of the class.

Day 2

Today we will paint on a single base coat color.

This is a fairly quick process, about 20 minutes. 
When they are finished painting they put their painted cats back on the rack and get out
any old or unfinished work. I also allow the faster finisher to help the more detailed workers get their cats painted.

Day 3

Designs and pattern painting...then back to the drying rack.
On the third day I start a new drawing project before they begin paining their details. 
After they get the instructions for the new project they may start their designs and patterns.
When they are finished they may start on the new project.
I would keep the new project fairly simple and manageable. 

Day 4

Eyes, tails and whiskers. 
First they add the white paint and then a black dot for the pupil.
Next they use pipe cleaners for the whiskers and really fluffy ones for the tail.

The kids pick out their colors for ones I have already cut down to size and then dip them in the glue.
Tail and whisker gluing is the last step. I have them lay their cats on wax paper on the table next to them to dry as they are working on last weeks drawing project. I walk around and grade the cats as they are drawing. 

You can buy these on Amazon HERE

You can buy the tiger striped pipe cleaners HERE on Amazon

I use craft glue for this projects. It holds well and seems to dry faster then regular liquid glue.
You can buy the tacky glue HERE on Amazon

This is our photo inspiration from Pinterest. I tried following the link but it was a dead end.

National Art Educators Convention Boston 2019...

So here I am teaching my "Felting is Fun" class at NAEA Boston 2019 #naea19
I was so honored to be selected to present a session. I love teaching felting and it has become an obsession of mine thanks to Cassie Stephens and Sue Bunch at Back to Back Alpaca
I watched an on-line video show with Cassie a few years ago and felted my winter coat. Then I went to Art Scouts for 2 years and learned more about felting and just became addicted. The only way I can justify having that much felt in the house is to teach a class on it.. Sue Bunch is my dealer of choice, she is so kind and helpful. 

This is me and my hubby. I could not have ordered a more wonderful person to be in my life. He is a talented artist himself and an avid fisherman...  and he is so darn helpful. I could not make it through conference without him. 

Love the art teacher outfits at conference!

Checking out the Vendor booths

The Virginia YAM flag was amazing...

Of course there were parties to attend...

Holly Bess Kincade

Sue from Back to Back Alpaca...My felt dealer!

The amazing workshops

Linda Popp

Boston from the conference window

Jasmine Hawkins, the Prince William County Arts Coordinator

Me and Phyl Brown from the blog There's a Dragon in My Art Room

Me and Cindy Ingram from the Art Class Curator

Marcia for Art is Basic

Misty Bear

Creating with painters tape on the walls!

My New York conference roommate Katie Allain. Katie has an
amazing Instagram page you have to check out.

Went for a drive around Boston...sow ducks hanging in the window...decided not to eat there!

Took a felting class...loved it!

Took this amazing wax class...loved it!

Went to a late night dinner in the hotel and saw Debi West and the Journal Boys...

Took this fun mask class and then....

The evacuation alarm went off and everyone had to leave the building.

Came back after the evacuation and finished my mask.

Took a Joseph Albers Color their class and loved it.

Went to dinner and was treated to a bagpipe song

Went to an art journaling workshop with Sam Peck....Amazing

More cursing around Boston...

And then the Boston St. Patty's Day Parade....It WAS on the bucket list and it was awesome!

After the conference we drove home making sure to check out all the important local Boston attractions! Such as the original Dunkin Donuts 
I have not eaten a donut in years but of course to celebrate this very important occasion I had a chocolate brownie mint donut and a class of whole milk. I can almost feel my cholesterol rising! But it was oh so gooooood!

 And of course the original Walhburgers!

The end! 
If you have never been to the National Art Eduction Association Conference ...
What are you waiting for? It is so much fun and so informative! 
I loved every second of it!