Wednesday, February 22, 2017

1st Grade Cutie Monsters...

Cutie Monsters

All Cutie Monsters have glasses so start your drawing there. 
Next add hair, horns or antennas above the bridge of the classes.
Then add a mouth.
After all the parts are added paint every thing below the glasses one color, which is Cuties Monsters body and every above the glasses will be the sky or background.

Our inspiration for this project came from 

Project Runway Season 15 Fashion Week Collection...

So for my final Project Runway collection I went post-apocalyptic casual. In the future we will have to dress in layers, so my collection comes in parts that can be taken off when it is hot or cover you up when it's cold.

2017 Tangle-a-Day Calendar Day Jan 31-Feb15th...

Art Teacher Workshop...

I work in the greatest district...Prince William County Schools in Virginia. We have an amazing art coordinator who puts together fantastic professional development classes that are all about art. There is nothing better than sitting through a meeting that is actually designed for art teacher. This observational drawing and printmaking workshop was the one I was gave. It was a lot of fun and nice to just hang out and do some art with other art teachers.

Observational drawing and painting project.

Printmaking project

Donated Art Materials Are Awesome....

I was given some extra large smoothie straws, I had no idea what to do with 
a giant bag of really large straws. 

I thought they would make really cool hanging fish. 

So I went ahead with my plan and really worked out this cool system to turn the straws 
into the fish.

We started stringing the straws together and adding beads in between each straw.

The hanging fish did not look anything at all like the drawings....but they still looked great!

Maybe I have the next Alexander Calder in my class

Friday, January 20, 2017

Torn Paper Project...

This is a really fun and exciting project our awesome librarian Sheri D'Amato shared. 
Have students hold a piece of printer paper behind their backs and tear it in the shape of a snowman (or whatever theme you would like to use) using only their hands. 
Students can not look at what they are doing. No previews.

Once they are done students show what they have torn. But that is it you can not tear anything else off once you have viewed it.

The next step is to glue the torn piece of paper to a sheet of construction paper and write a 5 sentence story about their torn paper. 

Awesome job Mrs. D'Amato!