Saturday, November 24, 2018

Tin Foil Printmaking with Tempera Paint...

Here is a fun and easy way to introduce Printmaking to your elementary students.

First you will need Aluminum Foil.
You can buy it HERE Amazon or get it at the Dollar Tree. Just beware you foil is not so thin that is will tear when rubbed. I go for the Reynolds because it is heavier and I can reuse it on other 3D and paper mâché projects. 

If your foil does not have a clean flat edge simple fold it over. This is important because this is how  students will register (line-up) their prints. 

I use Crayola tempera paint for this project. Click HERE to by it on Amazon. You can use any tempera paint out there as long as it in not to thin. Poster paint and finger paints will not work well for this project. Also acrylic will not work because it dries to fast and can stain kids clothes. 

I use long handle flat paint brushes for this project. You have to cover lots of area quickly and these brushes seem to do the trick. You can click HERE to buy a set on Amazon.

Have students start painting the bottom of their vase about 1 inch from the edge of the foil.
Simply paint the vase onto the foil. I don't have the kids sketch these out anywhere before they begin this project. I found the kids spent WAY too much time trying to make the painting look just like their drawing. I want them to be more free and spontaneous and you need to work quite fast to keep the paint from drying out.

Immediately after painting mist the lower half of the paper, the area where the vase will be printed. Make sure you use a mist spray and not a hard stream spray. You can click HERE to get these bottles on Amazon, you can also get something similar at the Dollar Tree.

Place the paper where the bottom of the paper is in-line with the bottom edge of the foil and the side edge of the paper is in-line with the side edge of the foil. This is how you will register your prints. 

You should then hold the paper in place with one hand and rub the paper with the other hand. Now pull your have a vase!!!

*NOTE--- the foil is the printing plate and it stays on the table. The paper is placed on top to the foil.

There is a stain left where you paint the vase on the foil so I have my kids do 2 prints. On second print they have to add a design. Simply repeat the same steps of painting the first vase onto the foil but this time there will be a stain on the foil to follow. Then using a finger, eraser, marker cap or anything that will not tear your foil (this is were the heavier foil will help) scratch out a design in the paint. 

Mist the paper and then print.

Now its time to add the flowers.
Since there will be a stain on the foil where the vase was you will know right where to paint in the flowers on the foil.

Mist the top half of your paper and then register (place) the paper just like you did for the vase on the bottom and side edges for the foil. 
Rub the top half of the paper and then pull your print...

Since the flowers will also leave a stain on the foil, simply paint over them and print your second vase adding the flowers. You can use the same colors as the first print or you can change the second print colors for both the vase and the flowers. 

Have Fun...


  1. Oh my goodness! These are so much fun! A great project for any age group and even adults. I feel like experimenting with this right now! ❤️

  2. Thank you. I'm always skeptical on printing, but i will try this with some of my small groups. Looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  3. It is fun and easy. You can do this in your kitchen!