Sunday, February 11, 2018

Project Runway Season 16...

I am a huge Project Runway Fan...
I got to go to NYC last year and all I wanted to do was go to Mood and by fabric. While I was there I got to meet Swatch. He was right there at the front door waiting for me. He loved me!!!
I can sew but I hardly ever do. I am in a Facebook group were we try to draw our the challenges along with the contestants each week. I would love to be on the show one day but it takes me about a month and a half to sew one outfit! Here are my sketchers for my outfits from Season 16.
The challenge was 3 looks in the same collections

Runway ready 1st challenge Season 16

The twin 1 hour challenge. In season 16 there were twins competing against each other but they were also helping each other. So Heidi have them a one hour challenge to see which one was actually doing all the work. I did not even finish sketching this dress our before one twin had a breakdown and   told the other twin to stay on the show. It was kind of hard to watch.

The Dixie cup challenge. The winner got to have there design on a Dixie cup.

From the Shopkin Doll challenge. I had a boy...who is now a grown man so I did not even know these dolls existed! The challenge was to design a dress for the doll. The winner actually get to have their design make into a dress for the Shopkin dolls.
Mine was Rosie Bloom

The unconventional challenge. If you do not watch the show there is one challenge where the contestants have to use things other than material to make and outfit. 
The orange mesh is construction site plastic fencing, the center is a fire hose and bottom is heavy plastic sheeting. 

This is the Breast Cancer Warrior challenge.
My mother died of breast cancer that spread all over her body. I was only 13 when she passed away. She was very sick for 5 years prior to her death. From what I remember of her she was an amazing person. I would have loved the opportunity to know her, she was a fantastic artist, she was a modern dancer and taught dance, she worked with clay, sewed and painted. She helped a friend write a book title "To Dance is Human". What I remember most was how she would always ask me what words meant. I usually had no idea but she would say "it's okay, what to you think it means". Then I would give it my best shot and she would always say "very good" even when I was wrong. Then she would go on to tell me the correct meaning. I miss having a mother to grow up with.

Winter wear challenge

My final 10 runway pieces....

My final 10 for Fashion Week 

This is a 3 piece collection that has to work together from Season 15

Inspired from the movie Leap starring Maddie Ziegler
Nightware...although I am not sure why I thought have NYC buildings on nightware would be restful!

Inspired by the Descendants 2 movie 

Daily street wear the models would wear to have selfies taken in.

Women's wear inspired by men's ware.

Something from Season 15...

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