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Artists That Inspire ...

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Artists that inspire me...

Richard Pousette Dart

Dart has to be my favorite artist of all time. The first time I saw his work I cried. I actually cried. It was the first time I had ever had that feeling. I have loved other works of art of course but it was the first time that I had that "I understand this, it speaks to me" feeling. It made since to me. It also profoundly changed the way I create my own art. His work also shaped the way I teach. I want my kids to understand the importance of art not just as a tool towards a better career or part of an integration of arts program but to be able to see art for art's sake. Don't get me wrong I love STEAM based projects but I love just creating  pure art more. Richard Pousette Dart inspires me to do that.

  Richard Pousette Dart
You can view 9 of Dart's works on-line at the MOMA

Richard Pousette Dart
Blood Wedding
77 x 112 3/4 in

Blood Wedding was the first painting I saw of Dart's. Look at it... it is the most amazing thing I have every seen. It just glows. I never get tired of seeing it. It just makes since to me. This painting recently sold at Christie's Auction House for USD $2,629,000. To me it is priceless, I hope the new owner appreciates it as much as I do.

Richard Pousette-Dart 
Dart was an American artist most recognized as a founder of the New York School of painting. His artistic output also includes drawing, sculpture, and fine-art photography. 
In January 1951, he was included in Nina Leen’s “The Irascibles,” published in Life magazine. This now-iconic photograph has largely come to define the core group of Abstract Expressionists. Dart is on the second row, far left.

Richard Pousette-Dart
Illuminaten Gothic

This website has good information and photos of Dart's work along with many other artists.

My kiddos are starting their Dart inspired art this week...
Using a circle tracer, Sharpie and a rule students are creating an abstract work of art in the style of Richard Pousette-Dart

This is our inspiration piece by Dart...
Christmas Tree
Richard Pousette-Dart

Friedensreich Hundertwasser
The I Still Do Not Know

I can not say enough about how much I love Hundertwasser's work. I speaks to my just like Dart's work does. It's bright and oh so colorful. I could stare at it all day and be filled with joy. It seems to make my brain work better just by looking at it. 

Mourning Schiele

Cathedral I

Singing Steamer in Ultramarine III

Click HERE for the official Hundertwasser web site.

Since I teach elementary school you just know the kiddos love his work, all the bright primary colors are just perfect for my age group. They are fascinated by it, as am I.

We are creating a work of art in the style of Hundertwasser

This is our inspiration piece...
Green Town

El Anatsui
I think only Richard Pousette Dart's and my mother's work has hit me as hard as El Anatsui. He works with old bottle caps and reclaimed items. His work brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. Again it just makes since, it is perfection, it is how art should make everyone feel.

Chick HERE to see El work on 

A few other artists that inspire me...

Daryl Howard
Wood block print
Daryl is in Austin, Texas. I just love her prints.

Why yes, that is me with Daryl Howard!

Martin Cervantez
Martin is a retired artist for the ARMY and how works out of his studio in
Northern Virginia. I am proud to say that hubby and I collect his work.

Cindy Thornton
I just love Cindy's style. She is an illustrator and has several children's book out now, which are fabulous by the way.
Click HERE for my lesson we do based on Cindy's work and style.

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