Monday, July 10, 2017

Road Trip to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwaters...

Fallingwaters...the Frank Lloyd Wright house

I traveled with some of my Virginia Art Educator Association (VAEA) buddies
to see Falling Waters. First of course we had to stop and eat!

Next we went to Ohiopyle State Park and saw the Youghiogheny river or the Yough for short
 (really I am not kidding)!

I look like I am 6 months preggers in this photo...
Sadly I just eat to much food! 

Then we went to see Kentuck Knob, which is also a FLW house near Fallingwaters.
I did not know it was there and I was so happy we get to include it on our trip.

The house and all the sculptures are privately owned by Lord and Lady Palumbo but
they open it up to the public. They actually go there and hang out sometimes.

This one was my favorite sculptures on the grounds, when the wind blew it made a beautiful sound.

This piece is by one of the kid's favorite artists Jim Dine.

There we so many awesome sculptures at Kentuck Knob.

Part of the Berlin Wall

Andy Goldsworthy

I can now say I have been inside an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture.

Claes Oldenburg 


On the path leading up to the house.

What was to totally cool for me is I remember my mom, who passed away from cancer when I was 13 and she was only 33 went to Fallingwaters with my step-father. It was a big trip for her and she was very excited. My mother was a very talented artist and I  have always missed the life we could have had together so it felt really awesome to walk in the same place she had been years before--43 years before to be exact!

Arn't we a cute group!

Hubby and I took every single mountain road we could find for our trip home.
We really got to see some amazing country.

This is the road our GPS told us to take to get back to the main highway...
So we did!

This road reminded me of a Hobbit's trail

The reason I am taking this photo as the Jeep is leaving me is because I
have a terrible fear of bridges, heights, falling and basically any thing scary and new. The bridge was beautiful and in the middle of nowhere. It was a grated bridge, which means it makes noises as you pass over it and you can see through it not 2 of my favorite things. Even walking across hubby had to park the Jeep and come back and hold my hand. I know you think it is silly but the 
FEAR is real people!

One of my favorite things to find on road trips is oversized sculptures of random things...

Yet another road GPS suggested...

but it must have been and actual road it had an official street sign!

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