Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Words to Live By...

I should have gone an visited my son for Spring Break 2016. 
It felt like the thing to do and I ignored it. 
I wish I could turn back time.

If there was one saying about me from the internet that hit closest to home...this would be it! I am late for everything, Hubby says I do not understand the concept of time. I would have to agree with him.
I will most likely be late to my own funeral! 

I think I just might be the person in my friends live's causing the stress right. 
Thank you to all my friends for staying with me on my crazy journey through life.

I think I am clean now God...If you what to stop with the cleansing part. Of course use your best judgement on this matter. 

A princess with an endless bank account of cash that I travel the worlds with helping other.

How about just a normal hard working human who helps others?

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