Sunday, March 26, 2017

STEAM Art and Math project 4th/5th Grades... (this page is still under construction)

This is a station project were we have 5 tables with 5 different STEAM lessons that include art and Math.  Student's first reaction is "this is art not math" but once they get going they love it.

Station 1. Tangrams
Creating Tangrams

You can use a spoon as a brayer, just make sure you clean it before you use it.

Using your geometric shapes you can create different animals.

We looked at the art work of Paul Klee for inspiration.

Station 2. Quilting Squares

Students measure out 4" x 4" squares, then cut the squares in half creating 2 large right triangles. You will continue to cut the 2 large right triangles into smaller right triangles as needed. 

We looked at the art quilts of artist Faith Ringgold for this station.

Station 3.  Measured Lines

Using a ruler, compass, and design circles students must measure out lines and circles that were either 1/4, 1/2 3/4 or 1 inch apart.

After the lines are complete, outline them with sharpie and color them using washable markers. Color in a couple lines of marker but not the entire section, then use a brush and water to spread out the maker like paint.

Station 4. Mandala

Measure out a 2 inch square in styrofoam. Using a rounded pencil draw a design in the styrofoam that radiates from one corner.

Color the square with washable markers. Spray the paper with a light mist of water. Print the tile in one corner of you paper, which should be 4" x 4".
After you print dry the plate off and color it again and then print is again. Repeat the 1st step 3 more times.

Station 5. Trihexaflexagon 

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