Sunday, March 19, 2017

Primary Colors in Art by 1st Grade...

After looking at the works of Mondrian and Miro and learning about the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) 1st grade created there own work of art.

I start by giving the kids only black paint and ask them to draw lines and shapes that express themselves. We put the paintings on the drying rack and wait for next week...

Then we add in the primary colors (red, yellow and blue)

Our inspiration pieces...

Juan Miro



And sometimes if you are a brave teacher....Basquiat.
Just make sure to preview his work before showing to the kids. 

I just love but we have a no weapons policy in our district.

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  1. Nice and colourful skills from your pupils! �� There was a time i organized an exhibition for my high school students when i was a teacher in high school, the students really distinguished themselves. I am yet to share the story and works of the exhibition on my blog but i hope to do that later.