Sunday, March 26, 2017

4th Grade 4 Part Heart...

4 Part Heart

This is a really fun way to create a nice heart and get the whole class involved as well.

I used a tracer to create a big heart on everyone's paper. This way everyone is working from the same base so they will all fit back together again.

Fold the paper in half both horizontally and vertically.
Then have students write their name on the back of each square.

This is how I store my tempera paints. 
When students are finished I put the egg carton in a zip lock bag.

Using black tempera paint everyone should draw a black outline around their traced heard.

Each section of the heart where it is folded, meaning there are 4 parts to the heart should be painted in a different style. 

Allow the painting to dry and cut it in to 4 pieces...

When the painting is finished...

cut it into 4 pieces on the folds.

The next step is to trade with other students. 
You are looking for a smooth color match and style.
The finish piece should still work together ever though
it is from several painting.
I allowed students to trade 1, 2 or 3 pieces.

When students have the reconstructed painting the way they want it they tape it back together from the back.

Make sure you have students circle their name on the back
other wise you will have 4 random names and not know the original artist.

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