Saturday, January 7, 2017

Artist Trading Card Swap with MiniMatisse....


Advanced Zentangle Club creating their ATC

2nd Grade creating their ATC

I got my Letter Girl ATC name stamp today! 
Click HERE for hereETSY link

Prepping our ATCs for the exchange

The world trading board at ATC central Mini Matisse

All the boxes being sorted at Mini Matisse
You can see Cedar Point's box in the upper left of the table its the one with the color splotched on the box.

Our trading cards finally arrived... Let the sharing begin with Minnesota!

and Wisconsin... 

Everyone was so excited to pick out their trading card created by a student far away.


This came from Beth Carter in Plano...where I grew up!

Some more of our awesome ATCs out there in the world...
Thank you Jennifer for sharing!


  1. GREAT REFLECTION!! It's wonderful to see you celebrate this on your blog! Thanks for sharing it to me as well.

    1. This was an awesome project. All the kiddos loved the sharing!