Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Today's Art Room Report-- STEAM Professional Development for Fine Arts Teachers...

Day 96

This is my awesome team building our spaghetti and marshmallow tower. I am proud to say we took second place with a hight of 27 inches. It was not much to look at but it stood the longest!
Our new teacher PD workshop was about STEAM.

This structure was not the tallest but it was aesthetically the best looking structure. It had symmetry and color coordinated marshmallows.

To start we were all given $50 and then had to buy the materials we needed to create the tallest structure possible.

This structure was great but did not stand long enough to be measured.

While we were waiting to get measured out marshmallows started to melt, which made our 
structure shorter...

and start to lean to one side. To counter act this we added flying buttresses like the ones on 
Notre Dame...very STEAM thinking right ?!?

This was a great design.

This was the winning structure at 37 inches tall. Nice work! It was taller then ours but it did not last as long as ours did.

This one was very tall but did not meet the rule requirements.

After judging our structure turned into a conceptual art project.

All Ryan wanted to do was smash it...which he did but in his deconstruction we had the by product of a cool mobile...more STEAM thinking! Great job Ryan. 

I had an awesome day!

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