Sunday, October 16, 2016

STEAM Professional Development--the Catapult

If I have not already told y'all I love my district. We have and awesome Fine Arts department and
lots and lots of free professional development classes.
I am currently taking one on STEAM. I love the idea if the STEAM concept
and I am working to create some awesome art lessons that will inspire both students and teachers.

So in my STEAM class we were asked to build a catapult out of a given set of supplies. We actually had to buy the building materials (with fake money of course). I had an awesome team mate and we selected large popsicle sticks, rubber bands, the BIG spoon and duct tape (of course), to bad it was not the fancy tape we use in the classroom. If you notice I added a flag to our catapult!

My awesome team mate Lauren getting ready for the catapult long distance contest.

Some of the other catapults

There were 10 teams, we were the only 2 person team and we took 3rd place for distance. But on the second try we would have won, all the other marshmallows were sticky and stuck to the spoons or cups. Some even went backwards but our catapult hit in the same place it did the first time.

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