Thursday, August 11, 2016

Today's Art Room Blog....

Day 82
Finally made it to Florida...

This rainbow was there for at least 15 minutes. It was a double rainbow and I could see both ends.

I made it to the island!

Beach art with stones

The Star Fish Restaurant a must try in the Historic Cortez Fishing Village.

7 years ago Danny Grozdich from the You Tube Channel The Gradual Report came to the beach house for a visit. 

one of my favorite things to do at the beach...relax and get my hair and toes done.

Mermaid hair

The cutest manatee and the county courthouse...don't even ask me why I am at the county court house!

City Pier on Anna Maria Island, Florida

My cousin's childhood home.

What happens every single time you are in a hurry to get off the island....maybe it's a sign not to leave.

City Pier

They take this very seriously on the island

a full moon rising over Palma Sola Bay

My afternoon view

It's kind of hard to see but that sea monster looking thing in the water is a dolphin. They are everywhere around the island.

My happy place...on the back of a jet ski in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Anna Maria Island, Florida

Hubby showing off

Bean Point

At cousin Sandy's condo on Long Boat Key

Went for a bike ride with cousin Sandy...I got left behind in the dirt. I did not realize she was training for the Olympics!

Long Boat Key, Florida

Laid out all day long...then went for a swim. I had the beach all to myself!

My favorite view of the world

Packing to go home, the saddest day. What happened to July it only lasted 3 days! 

I have to bring Alice with me this time so I can ride around the DC area. 

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