Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Art Supplies...

I have my class tables set by the color wheel so finding these awesome trays at the Target in the $3 area was awesome! You will notice there is no blue or purple. It only took me 3 trips back and one talk with the manager to secure the missing trays. I am a happy art teacher now. Last year all my trays were green so there was no ownership of their neatness. THIS year will be different...watch out table managers.

These are new texture rub plates I saw Cassie Stephens using and of course I had to get some to try for myself! I think they will be great to use in my art journals.

When I was looking for the texture rubs I came across this pen. Have no idea how texture rubs turned into pens but there you go. I have never used a pen like this before but I think it will be awesome to try out on a Zentangle tile. I got both the texture rubs and the pen on Dick Blick.com their delivery is fast and they offer discounts for ordering in bulk.

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