Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Day In My Life...

I think I am going to write a book about my life and title it "My life Changed the Day I realized my Hair Was Straight".  I was told by a co-worked I had really pretty hair the other day. Normally I just wash and go with my hair an just not ever look in a mirror or put it up in a bun. Either way I do not really care much about what my hair looks like anymore. I think I have just given up.  But for some reason on this particular day not only did I brush it I blow dried it. My co-worker said it looked like model hair. This was very strange to me because I was trying to tell her the story of how I just spent $300 dollars on a perm that did nothing to curl my hair. I have 5 types of curling irons and 3 types of leave in rollers. I have wanted curly hair all my life. For some strange reason I have always thought if I did have curly hair my life would be so much easier. That every thing that was holding me back was because I had straight hair.... Yes I actually think that at times.

But as soon as my co-worker said my hair was pretty straight it seemed to give the the new found freedom I needed to just be who I am... just be me! It is so liberating! I have straight hair and I am proud!

And gray too, did I mention that?


I think my soul has been tired for quite some time...but I am working of that.

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