Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Art Journaling Step-by-Step...

Add torn or cut paper to your art journal. You can add to a previous page or create a whole new page using decorative papers.

Today I am using my altered book with a solid brown background that I painted a few years ago.
It has been waiting for this day for a long time!

I love using Traci Bautista Matte Collage Instant Decoupage Pauge.
I use old gift cards to spread the glue evenly. I also have a surgeon's scalpel to cut paper with 
that my favorite bookbinding teacher gave me. You would not believe the precision you get with that thing.

I pulled from the collection of papers I have stacked up in my art studio. I just love pretty paper! I collect paper where ever I see it...and then store until the perfect chance to use it when ever a project comes up. This is kind of the reason we (I) needed to rent a POD for more storage! Or I just need a bigger studio!

I cut out the paper and glued it in place, I love this ziggy pattern. I must love it, I use it a lot it seems. That is one thing I am learning during this journaling
process, that my work has similar aspects to it.
I cut the heart out of matching papers in the same color field. I added the black and white acrylic paint after the glue was dry.

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