Monday, June 13, 2016

Today's Art Room Report....ART SCOUTS 2016

                                                        Day 71

With Ginger Pacer, Laura Lohmann, Jennifer Alvarado and Cassie Stephens.

I can not say enough great things about Art Scouts! It was an amazing 2 days taught by 4 amazing art teachers. Their excitement and enthusiasm for teaching is infectious. I can not wait to get back to my classroom and implement some of the wonderful things I have learned at Art Scouts.

Art Scouts was held on the campus of Bowling Green State University in Ohio.
And yes due to my fear of flying I drove. The GPS said it was only 7 2 am in the morning I realized I have been lied my Jeep's on board computer. 
However the drive was so beautiful I did not mind, until it got dark that is and could not see the lovely landscape anymore!

Every morning we started off our day with the Art Scouts oath!

Jennifer and Cassie Stephens demonstrating sun exposure printing.

See how they are having so much was like that all weekend. Just a positive, happy vibe.

Just being able to hang out with a bunch of wonderful elementary art teachers and play and create art was so relaxing!

Here is my lovely sun exposure art in the works.

Plate weaving,
first we painted the plates with concentric circles and let them dry.

Then we painted a landscape for our tree weaving. The 
little church was something I saw on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on the way to the workshop in Ohio.
That is just an awesome drive, so beautiful. The little church was on a hill with nothing else around it.

See the little church peeking through the tree! 
Love this project.

I just need to add the blue now.

Our next project was needle felting

Three needle felted dresses by Cassie Stephens

I felted this artist paint palette

I also put the felting needle, WITH A SERRATED EDGE through my finger....I mean all the way through my finger and out the other side! Blood shot out like a geyser! I did not want Cassie to think I was the problem child in the class but I was bleeding way too much!  I told Cassie she could use my story as a cautionary tail at the next Art Scouts... as in Lee Darter felted her finger and lived to tell about it!

This is a marker/styrofoam plate printing we did at Art Scouts.  I have been teach this lesson at workshops and in my classrom for a few years now and love it. I thought my teacher friend
Shannon Benton created it but who knows that was many, many moons ago.
Jennifer and Cassie had a great new twist on the idea and it was just fantastic. 

Next we created painted paper with our Gelli plates to be used in making the vases for our printed flowers.

Then we put the 2 together and made a flower vase. 
Cute right!

When our plates were dry Cassie showed everyone how to do the tree weaving.

We also did a crayon/sandpaper print using an iron as a heat press. I was not sure they 
were going to let me use the iron after the stabbing incident...

We were such a good class that we got to do a bonus lesson. This is the most relaxing thing...
Cord Weaving...I am so teaching this to my "active" kids next year! 

This was the view from my hotel! 


The next day Ginger Pacer, Laura Lohmann showed us how we would earn our Clay and Painting badges to go along with our Fiber and Printmaking badges we earned the day before. 
We made farm animals and a slump plate with air dry clay. I made a dragon for all those medieval farmers out there.

It seems to take longer for air dry clay to harden so I am waiting for
him to dry so I can paint him. I made him for hubby who is a big Game of Thrones fan.

My slump plate

We then tried our hand at Model Magic. Never used the stuff before and to be honest kind of
turned my nose up at it....boy was I wrong. This stuff is AWESOME. I am adding it to my 
supply list for next year. It mixes really well together so it would be great for color theory as well as sculpting projects.

This is my area before I started.....

Day one painting area...
and day 2 painting area...Yes I am really that messy!

Next was Painted Paper...AWESOMENESS!

Trying out different printmaking tools.

My adventure into the world of Model Magic

This stuff makes your Model Magic shine!

Some of my classmate's work.... Sooooo Cute!

Did you know you could do all this with Model Magic...neither did I! Now I know.

I also made a Dia de los Muertos pin.

Next was the painted paper owl. 

I love my little owl!

At the end of the workshop there was the oath and a big celebration with door prizes...
Arrows up Art Scouts!

Cassie Stephens

With Ginger Pacer, Laura Lohmann, Jennifer Alvarado and Cassie Stephens.
Thank you ladies for a wonderful time!

The view from my hotel on the way home...Even though my GPS said 7 hours home I 
did not believe her this time and stopped for a hotel...on a hill.

The Potomac river....way northwest of DC!

A tunnel through a mountain.

Arriving in a new state.

The mountain view from the gas station

What a bird did on my windshield while I was viewing the mountain!!! YUCK!

A lake that looks really fun to go back to some time soon....maybe this summer! And with a Kayak! And with hubby! It is near the Frank Lloyd Wright home "Falling Waters" and I have always dreamed of living in Falling Waters since I was a child. My mother showed me many different Frank Lloyd Wright homes when I was little, she loved his work.

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  1. Lee!! What a great blog post, thank you SO MUCH for attending, sharing your experiences and just being YOU!! Looking forward to seeing you again in NYC :)

    1. It was wonderful, thank you and everyone for all the work you put into the event.

  2. BGSU was my it there!! So glad you had a great time! How could you not?!?!

  3. Lee, it was so amazing to meet you! I hope to see you again soon! Big hugs!!!!

    1. The event was just awesome, so well planned out and organized!

  4. It was so nice meeting and creating with you Lee! I love your post! Thanks for taking the long drive to get to us! Looking forward to crossing paths again!!! xoxo