Tuesday, June 28, 2016

July 2016 Art Along...

July 2016 Art Along----Winner is Sabrina B!

Myra and Julie will both receive 2nd place prizes! 
We thank all 3 of you for creating in playing the first Art Along Art Journal contest !

A new art journal prompt will be added each night at 12am during the month of July.
In your art journal create a page each day that goes along with the day's prompt.
Then just...
Email us a photo of your art journal entry (all photos will be posted on the blog)
You may use any medium you like, just show us your journal page and you will be entered for a chance to win. Each entry is another chance to win so that's 31 days and 31 chances to win! Please label your email with the day # and any caption you would like to include about your art journal page. You may jump in at any time, you do not have to start on day 1.
The Art Along contest ends July 31 at midnight! The 2 winners will be announced on August 1st, 2016 and notified by email. 
Art Journaling does not have to be hard or require many supplies, it is just a place to express yourself without fears or worries. Just let go and enjoy yourself.

Send Entries to:


If you would like to comment please feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Daily Contest Art Journaling Prompts:

Day 1. Summer Vacay, where are you, where are you going or where would you like to go this summer?
Day 2. Use something from your vacay as a stamp or use a real stamp or create a stamp of some kind in your next art journal page.
Day 3. Some where on today's page use numbers- Vacay room #, receipts, milage, calories consumed, etc.  Include numbers in a creative way on your next art journal page.
Day 4. Today add torn or cut paper to your art journal. You can add to a previous page or create a whole new page using decorative papers.
Day 5. Zentangle your journal. Add a little Zen to your page. If you do not know what Zentangle is here are a few pages to help you on your path... zentangle.com  tanglepatterns.com
Day 6. In one word....Draw, stamp, or stencil one work that describes you.
Day 7.  Use stickers on your page, any stickers from any where be creative!
Day 8.  Free Friday-- what ever you can think of, create it in you art Journal.
Day 9.  Use a lot of red...lots and lots of red.
Day 10.  Go for a walk, what do you see? Use you walk as inspiration for today's art journal 
Day 11. Feel overwhelmed with all you have to do? Me too... Write down all the things you wish
You could just let go of... then create over it! Cut paper, watercolor, stickers, decoupage, collage,
whatever you enjoy doing. Replace the stress with some art.
Day 12.  Find something today that is out of place and use that on today's art journal page. 
Day 13.  Use purple as your focus color. 
Day 14.  If only I were at the beach... Use something that inspires you about the beach. 
Day 15.  Free Friday-- what ever you can think of, create it in you art Journal.
Day 16.  Spending time with your family is a large part of a teacher's summer. Create an art journal page dedicated to your family.
Day 17.  If it flies use it in today's art journal page.
Day 18.  If its in the water use it in your art journal page.
Day 19.  Use a lot of green...lots and lots of green
Day 20.  Use something from the garden...
Day 21.  Where are you now...?
Day 22.  Free Friday-- what ever you can think of, create it in you art Journal
Day 23.  If it was covered in PINK!
Day 24.  If I could no longer do what I do now I would do _______________ 
Day 25.  Simply Circles
Day 26.  It's really hot out there......
Day 27.  If I had to give up one thing it would be___________
Day 28.  Focus on flowers.
Day 29.  Free Friday-- what ever you can think of, create it in you art Journal
Day 30.  Favorite childhood memory.
Day 31.  Last day...give it all you got and go wild all over your journal page

Art Along Prize Package
There were will be 2 winners selected in the drawing
First draw will receive an Art Journal Starter Kit Shown Below
Second draw will receive a 
$25 Gift Card To Michaels


QoR Modern Watercolor Sets

Set of 6 colors-A great basic set, it includes Hansa Yellow Light, Phthalo Blue (Green Shade), Ultramarine Blue, Pyrrole Red Light, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, and Burnt Sienna in 5 ml tubes. A 400 Series Watercolor 
14"x11" Portrait Journal/Sketchbook
Dick Blick Acrylic Paint set

And a set of 5  different STENCILs !!! 

Day 1. Lee Darter-I want to be at The Beach

Link to the How to Step Out Page for The Beach HERE
DAY 1. Julie S. -Summer Vacay-Lots of driving from Texas to North Carolina
Julie...The Art Room Blog loves your art and that you are going close to the speed limit but we are concerned that this photo was drawn from the drivers seat! Have a wonderful trip.

DAY 1. Myra -

Day 1. Sabina B.- road trip to Chicago with mine and my brothers families

Day 2. Lee Darter -My Shell Stamp

Link to the How to Step Out Page for My Shell Stamp HERE

Day 3. Lee Darter -Numbers

Link to the How to Step Out Page for My Shell Stamp HERE

DAY 3. Sabina B
The Art Room Blog wants to know if you have done 39 states this summer? 

DAY 4. Lee Darter -Adding cut or torn paper.

Link to the How to Step Out Page for My Shell Stamp HERE

DAY 5. Sabina B--Zentangle
DAY 5. Lee Darter-Zentangle

DAY 8. Sabina B Free Friday

DAY 13. Sabina B. Purple, purple, purple  

DAY 23. Covered in pink. Sabina B

DAY 28. Sabina B


  1. I would love to try this, thank you .....anna

    1. Anna...jump right in and play along!

  2. Jump in and Art along with us !

  3. I really enjoyed drawing this month with you, your journal prompts gave me something to focus on and look forward too. Thanks Sabina

    1. We are so glad you enjoyed playing along!

  4. Congrats to Sabrina! My best intentions to keep up failed miserable, but I loved seeing what others were doing! Sabrina, I love that flower!

    1. Krafty... We will Art Along next July, join us then. We are making an effort to go to Cambodia so maybe some exciting promps for there.