Sunday, May 22, 2016

Paper Mache Workshop....

The final product!

Second and Third grade students making their Paper Mache birds at the Candy Factory.
Day 1
This is Turkey Jurkey

This is ParotOwl

Snuddle Wog

The kids named the paste Dragon Snot!

We also made masks

We make necklaces 


I get caught by this same train every...single...time. I heard it coming and so I almost made it and then
I realized I left my drink on the bumper of my Jeep. So of course when I went back to get it...I was trapped by the train again!

Attack of the dragon. We had some time between paper coats on our birds so we make "attack of the monster" art. Sadly that is the Candy Factory,  train tracks and parking garage across the street do we are no longer here to finish our work.....

This is attack of the Crackin

Second stage of the masks

Turkey Jurkey Day 2

this is a turtle and lilly pads.

More jewelry

More free time...

and the aftermath of having too much time on our hands!!!

DAY 3 

Gesso added...thank you Candice!

Adding eyes

Adding the final touches

The final Parrot

Paper paste necklace

Adding the eyes

adding sand for texture on the body

Adding lots of glitter... I mean a lot of glitter, it was everywhere!

Awesome time was had by all!

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