Monday, March 21, 2016

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 60...

I have no idea who this is I just happen to see it on Pinterest and there was no trail....but OMG I love this woman. This is so going to be me in 10 years!

Tangeling by the flashlight of my cell phone...even though every single light in the house is already on and the blinds are open.
So I have noticed I need more light to tangle by lately. Everyone tells me it's because I am getting older... That can not possibly be the answer since I am only 39 or so!

My awesome niece Makayla doing what she does!

This is how my very, very sad dog looks when his daddy is away.

This photo was taken by and art teacher who was attending the NAEA convention 2016 in Chicago recently. I love Bill Murry's statement that a work of art saved his life after a despair-inducing theater debut. He was looking at the painting The Song of the Lark and realized you get another chance every day. So awesome. Every day you have a new chance to make your life what you want it to be.

The Song of the Lark1884
Oil on canvas
Henry Field Memorial Collection, 1894

What my hubby brought me home from Texas! 

I like this poster because it reminds me that there may be that one kid out there that I just don't get so I might not be trying as hard as I should be to reach him or her.  I must do better!

I am really trying to do this more and more. I am cutting out all the things in my life that do not move me or make me happy. Just want to teach art, create art and look at art!

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