Saturday, November 28, 2015

A B Pattern Butterflies....

A B patterns so cute! 

First draw 3 large butterflies.

Too Small....but very cute!

Then using your ruler mark off visually even squares.

Inside the squares place your A B patterns.
Students can come up with any 2 designs they like.

Now watercolor paint the butterflies and the inside area.
Leave the A B pattern boxes black and white--no paint.

My examples: Draw 3 Butterflies of different sizes then create a border with A B repeating patterns.

Watercolor paint the butterfies.

Watercolor paint the background.

Zentangle In the Classroom DropBox--Lessons and ideas on how to use Zentangle in your classroom.
It's not Zentangle if you simply do repeating patterns and call it Zentangle! Check our some ways Zentangle can be used in the art room.
 link HERE

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