Friday, October 2, 2015

3rd Grade Cities in the Style of IM Pei and James Rizzi and STEAM...

After looking at the work of IM Pei and James Rizzi students created their own cities making sure to have smaller building in the front, mid-sized building behind that and taller buildings in back. 

After you create the city, color it. We used crayons but you can use watercolor or markers if you like that look better.

Changing some of my lessons to STEAM lessons I had kids work in groups to create and entire city. 

They have really learned a lot about how to work in groups through this new approach.

This year I had the kids add in some type of vehicle to their city. I give them extra paper to create what ever type of vehicle they wanted and then asked them to cut it out. We used 3Do's to attach the cars to the city.

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