Sunday, September 6, 2015

3rd Grade Symmetrical Name Bugs..

Third grade is working on Name Bugs. We discuss and focus on symmetrical balance -things being the same on both sides.
Fold the paper vertically in 1/2. Place the folded part near you belly button.

Write your name in cursive letters using a charcoal pencil. You do not have to push extra had, in fact it is better to just draw withe the charcoal pencil with normal pressure.

 So it as at this point I quickly figured out that in 3rd grade students are just learning to write in cursive so on the first day of art they more than likely do not have this skill yet! So that was fun. But they really wanted to try doing it so we forged ahead. I put up a cursive letter chart that seemed to help and reminded them by they time they turned the project into a bug no one would be able to read the name any way so just try your best and be creative with it.

After writing your name open up the paper and then flip it shut the other way so it closed on top of where you just wrote your name.

But it as had as you can with the side of your pencil.

The charcoal will transfer to the other side enough so you can see to trace over it. This will give you the Symmetrical look you need for your bug.

Then add eyes, ears, antennas, horns, etc.  Remember you only have to draw on one side of the paper. Then shut it and rub it and the eye or what every you drew will transfer to the other side for your Symmetrical balanced bug.

Finish by coloring the bug with crayons or colored pencils.

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