Monday, August 10, 2015

Up-cycle Green Art Camp 2015....

Neatly arranged up-cycle supplies....On the 1st day!

Random scraps of wood...

made into Mrs. Scrappy!

What do you do with a big pile of stuff?

Make a mosaic of course!

We glued pom poms to the top of the hot glue gun drippings. We have trees!

Old paint brush man!

Pickle jar remakes!

Soap bottle cats.

We added wire tails and cardboard ears.

Then we painted the bottles and added rocks for paws.
Bottle Cat by Greta
Bottle Cat by Katherine

Our inspiration piece! We were inspired by Natalie Paranhos Da Rosa

Cereal Box sketchbooks

Old clock parts, container lids, nuts and bolt and thrift store plates to make our metal owls.
Greta's metal owl...
with cheeks....

Katherine's Owl
She swears she did not wear this shirt on purpose but OMG right?!

My sad owl with no feet!

This project is based on the at work of Robyn Stewardson's owlie assemblages.
Click the owl to go to Robyn's FB sure to return to the Art Room Blog.

Pop top bracelets

Greta's pop top bracelet.
Katherine's bracelet.
We added charms from an old broken bracelet.

We have know idea who Kevin Arnold is but some one loves him very much! I got the entire bag of pins at the Thrift store for only .90 cents. We repurposed them into artsy pins.

Floor prints! We traced around the canvas that was on the plastic on the floor. 
Then filled the traced image with paint.

Then we put the canvas down on top of the paint.

Next will pulled the print (canvas).

There was enough paint left to do 4 ghost prints, which we used to make more books!

by Katherine

by Greta

We stenciled on flowers on the dried canvas.

We added hooks to hang our bracelets on

Next we collaged the canvas.

Then we added stamps.

We made soda bottle fish.

and added ping-pong balls for eyes. 
By Greta

By Katherine

We used popcycle sticks for our names!

Painted bottles for our Dale Chihuly chandelier.

Glass chandelier by Dale Chihuly 

An art room full of up-cycle art supplies

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