Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1st Grade Turkey Day...

Thanksgiving turkey...these are the ones that get a pardon from the president of the United States.

Based on the work of Eric Carle.
Step 1. Paint a 12 x 18 inch piece of white paper with random abstract manor using watercolors. I do this at the beginning of class and then students can continue with the last part of last weeks project or do catch up work.
Step 2.  On the next class after the painting has dried, students begin building their turkeys on 12 x 18 black construction paper.  I have several large and a small plastic circles (old container and Tupperware lids) students may use to trace the head and body. I give them 2 different color browns.
Step 3. Give students precut squares of white (2 for the eyes), black (2 for the pupils), orange (one for the feet and beak) and red (1for the that really what it is called)?
Step 4. After the bird is assembled the feathers can be added. Have the students create several layers of feathers.

After the kids cut out their feathers they thought the leftover paper looked like a monster so they make scrap monsters. Fun!!!

It always amazes me when kids come up to me and after cutting around the outside edge of the watercolor paper tell me they have no more room for feathers...Huh? I say what about all the space in the middle? Then they do I get to it? Huh? Oh the joys of 1st grade.

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