Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tips and Tricks...GLUE STICKS!

I was this on Pinterest and I would like to tell you who posted it but I could not find the source when I went back to find it. But OMG it has changed the amount of glue sticks we go through. It has also ended the crazy amount of sticks that wind up all over the room in random and strange places. 
The caps are glued down to a board and you just change out sticks when ever you need a new one. There was a learning curve for the kids on how to use and store the trays be it has be come a way of life now. 

If you do not use the glue stick tray system then make sure you keep a 
zip lock bag for all the glue sticks without tops. For some reason students can never seem to find the tops to their glue sticks. It's like that one sock that always vanishes in the dryer. They just disappear! Just have kids  put the ones without tops in a  plastic bag!
This will keep the sticks useful until a top shows up...

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