Wednesday, April 16, 2014

5th Grade- Name Spiral Warm and Cool Colors..

Step 1. Put a visual dot in the center.
Step 2. Draw 4 arms from the center either off the page at the sides or at the corners. As the arms go out they should spread apart from each other or get wider as they go out.
Step 3. Write your name in capital letters inside the arms. Always start at the dot and work out. Make sure the letters of your name touch the top and the bottom of each line. The letters will get bigger as they go out. Keep writing the letters of your name until you are out of room, let the letters of off the page.

Step 4. Out like the name arms with Sharpie

Step 5. In the space outside the arms you must use a ruler...somehow...that is your only instruction for outside the arms.

Step 6. Color the arms either worm or cool colors but do not mix the warm and cool. It's one or the other. Try and switch colors as you come up on a like. Try to stay away from coloring the arm all one color. Make it interesting.

You can choose to color the arms cool or outside the arms cool. 

If you make the outside warm then make the arm cool.

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