Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spring Art Show...

Preparing for the Spring Art Show... 


  1. How many pieces do you hang for your shows? Do you mount them all? And do you have an art opening night/1 day show or do you just display them around the school?

    1. Hey Mrs. Walton...For hanging it depends on the show. We have 2 choir/art shows a year, the first is for 4th and 5th grade art only. And only members of the choir so I hang their work, about 80 pieces. They stay the night of the show and the next day. We have a end of the year Fine Arts night with the Choir, strings and art. For that show it is only 1st year art club and advanced art club, 3 pieces from each member or 100 pieces that also stays up the night of the show and the next day. Then we have a talent show at the end of the year and it is a juried show with about 50 pieces. It is up for the show and then next day, which is the last day of school.

      I also display art around the school all year. I am lucky to have 2 main halls and a display case for the art. I also put stuff in the library.

      I have several contests a year and the winners hang all year in different places. YAM, draw your favorite teacher, why is art important, remake of your favorite famous art work.

      I hope this helps...thanks for entering.