Sunday, February 2, 2014

NVAEA workshop Feb 1 2014...

                       Printmaking, Journals and data collection to show student growth oh my!
Creating parts for the Mixed Matched Monsters project.

Printing our Mixed Matched Monsters

Small square prints in Kelly D.'s journal. (Kelly you are awesome)!

I guess everyone gets journal bunching!

Debbie Barnard the Prince William County Schools art director printing her Mixed Matched Monsters. (Debbie you are awesome too)!

Mixed Matched Monsters project

Mixed Matched Monsters project.
That's me up front by the smart board doing what I love to do most...share!


  1. I love the mix & match monster idea..... So cute! Might try this idea with a tie in to a surrealist game. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Holly... on styrofoam, have your kids cut one hair, one arm one leg, one "peanut" body and a nose. I used markers to color the styrofoam parts and just sprayed the paper with water right before printing. Have students flip the arm and leg to print the other side. Then have them share their body parts to create different monsters. Thanks for entering the contest.

  3. Fun stuff! Are you using washable markers to print?