Sunday, February 2, 2014

Art Club paper mache birds...2013


  1. Can you share some info about what your Art club is and how it runs? (Or, perhaps you already have a link to a previous post I missed...) :) I'm working in getting some kind of after school Art club going at our school.

  2. Bre... I have 2 art clubs- Advanced and 1st year. First year is by lottery. Students, parents and the student's classroom teacher have to sign a from and then I put all the names in a bucket and draw out 15 names. The 1st year students touch on many areas of art that we just are not able to go into during regular class. I focus mostly on the principles and elements of art when creating the lesson plans. One of my first year students was in a juried show at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manasses, Virginia.

    Advanced art club is for students after they have been in the 1st year art club and they do not have to go through the lottery. Once you are in you can stay in advanced art club until you leave elementary school.
    These students have to keep an art sketchbook/journal and have outside homework in their journals. We again focus on the principles and elements but dive into each topic in great detail. At the moment we are creating a stop motion animation video with characters they have each created. I will post the video when we finish. I hope this helps.