Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sketchbook Project Day one

I have signed on to be part of the Sketchbook Project. I joined the game a little late but I am ready for the task. Here is my title page. Starting on Feb., something, 2011 my art journal will be on display at the Art House on the Brooklyn Art Library. After that it will go on tour around America for a year and then go back home to the Library. The hardest part of the project will be letting my journal go. I have never been very good at selling my art. I have a mother complex over all my work as if I gave birth to them all. How can you sell your children? But this will be fun and others all across the country will see my work. I will let you know when it comes to Austin. My books website is


  1. So very proud
    Told Bob about this.
    You are AMAZING.
    Love nance and Bob