Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Hearts 1st grade...

Create 3 boxes with 4 inch tops and 4 inch bottoms. 
And yes I had to teach 1st graders how to use the ruler!
Then use the ruler to create horizontal and vertical lines inside your boxes.
Draw a heart inside each of the 3 boxes.

 Color in the hearts first and then the backgrounds using a repeating checker board patten. You could have themes such as warm and cool or complementary colors. Or make it random colors!

When you are finished coloring in all the spaces, flick black watered down tempera paint all over the paper with a tooth brush. 
I had the students come to me as they finished their hearts to flick the paint. 
While others were waiting they worked in their journals.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

This project is based on the work of Jenny Murphy


  1. Were hearts the only option? Could they pick other shapes or objects for variety?

    1. Bre...for this project it was hearts simply for Valentine's Day but you could use any shape or form. They loved doing the hearts but when I said we were going to fling paint with a toothbrush I thought they were going to pass out from excitement!

    2. Any shape is possible. Wooden leg, rabbit, balloon or booger. Make your own choice.