Sunday, March 10, 2019

Scarp Monster Cut-Outs by 1st Grade...

So cute and fun....

Teaching a little eye-hand coordination!
Everyone gets a full sheet of their favorite color and the rest of the paper comes from the...
Scrap Bin! Yes I let them dump it out on the floor. 
We discuss proper "paper on the floor" etiquette before. 
I tell them it is very important not to crinkle their own scraps 
because other friends may be able to use it. Please simply
return it to the Scrap Bin. During clean up time I ask everyone to return to their
seats. Then I ask for "people with a certain color shirt" to hit the floor and clean up scraps.
Remember...we do not crinkle the scraps...they may become someone else's monster someday.
If the floor still needs attention I just ask the table managers to clean. When the floor is clean then everyone may start putting their work on the drying rack and their supplies away.

Make sure to give your monster details and personality!

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