Monday, January 28, 2019

2nd Grade Roosters Using Scrap Painted Paper...

We have had several snow days lately and when that happens it throws of my next day schedule off.
 I have my students save all the painted paper scraps they create. I have a scrap bin for all the leftovers. This bin comes in handy for a lot of projects and quick ideas....which I desperately needed on this day. These roosters were created by 1st grade using the scrap bin

The head, body and wing are cut in the shape of the letter U. I have my kids hold up their magic drawing finger and draw the letter U in the air. I tell them if they can draw the U then can create this rooster. Make sure to erase the U in the air so it is not hanging over you while you try to work. 

The legs are just rectangles, the eyes are circles and the beak is a triangle. If they would like to add feet those are just triangles as well.
When you break it down into simple shapes the kids then realize it is something they can easily do.
I always start all my demos by asking my students "does your bird (or whatever) have to look like mine". They tell me no. I let them know this is just one way to cut out their bird. If they have another way they can do that instead. 
This helps the kids that need the extra nudge and also allows the others to make their own creative choices. 

The last step is to add the feathers. I let the kids know they feathers are simple football shapes. Or 2 curved lines facing each other. 

Such personality!

Cute, fun and easy peezy! 

This child went for more of a parrot look. 
Love it!


  1. Its colorful and this is ideal for children's room, It would be fun for kids. Thank you for sharing this with us.