Monday, October 8, 2018

Art Room Supply Must Haves...

I know everyone has their favorite art supplies. I know people usually either like Prang or Crayola watercolors. I know how much we all love it when classroom teachers give us their Rose Art crayons! But I would like to share with you some of the things I just can't live without in my art room. These are my love, love, love art supplies!

1. Brusho...OMG this stuff is amazing! The kids love it and you can get some really cool effects with it. You can buy it HERE on Amazon. 

Here is a great sample of what Brusho can do from the blog Doodle Wash. Doodle Wash has an amazing post all about HERE for that link.

2. Soft Cut Linoleum-This stuff will change your life! It really does cut like butter! It is so easy for the kids to carve. I just love the looks on their little faces when I tell them they get to keep their stamps!!! You can buy it HERE on Amazon.

3. Do not even think about doing paper mâché without Amaco's Claycrete. It is amazing and so easy to use. We made cakes with it a few years ago and now everyone can't wait to get to 5th grade just to make the cakes. You can buy a 5 pound bag HERE on Amazon.

This year we are also trying a sculpture lesson by the amazing Alyssa Tice. If you are not already following her on Instagram do it RIGHT now. She is my art teacher idle!

Art work by Alyssa Tice...Amazing right! 
Alyssa uses Celluclay for her projects.
You can buy Celluclay HERE on Amazon.

4. Kwik Stix...This product is so great for first time printers. There is very little mess and the outcome is amazing! I use this with my 1st graders and they love it. The 5th grade saw the results and now they want to use it too! You can buy it HERE on Amazon. 

I hope this has been helpful...If you try any of these things products please email ( me a photo or Facebook me at:

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