Friday, January 5, 2018

Painted Paper Color Wheel Forest...

3rd grade created a collage painted paper color wheel forest...

It was snowing in some of the forests.

Cutting, gluing, pasting.. all in a day's work in the elementary art room!

Layering up the forest.

My tables are arranged by color...Red, Orange, Yellow on one side (the warm side) and Green, Blue and Purple on the other (the cool side). To prep for this lesson each table painted 6 sheets of 12x18 90# white paper with different shades of the same color. The color they painted corresponded with their own table color. 
When the papers were finished they were all put on the drying rack for next week. If students finished early they could help other tables finish their paintings or work in their own art journals. 

The painting step of the lesson took almost the entire 45 min. class. You would think it would go faster since they are just randomly painting one color but NOOOOOO.... I do only have 4 kiddos at each table and they did have to paint 6 papers pre table so there you go. 
Do not have the kids put their names on the papers. This is so they will no try to claim them for their own in the next phase of this project.

In the next week's phase of this project I randomly handed out one color of each sheet to every table. So each table received a full color wheel. I also gave each table one sheet each of dark gray, light gray and white constructions paper.
The instructions were to create a color wheel forest. Students much have 3 snow capped mountains using the grays, a sun and some clouds. The style and manner of cutting was up to each student.

This is our inspiration piece for this project, it is from Painted Paper. Click HERE for the link.
Painted Paper is an amazing web site run by Laura Lohmann. Click HERE for her site.
I believe Laura created this as a mural with her kids. 

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